How Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Support for Bitcoin Could Shape the Future of Crypto

“Right now, the federal government policy for this administration is to make war on bitcoin and other digital currencies,” Kennedy said. “(But) I think it’s very important to keep that spirit, that this country is the hub of, that spirit of innovation. Not to chase cryptos out of this country, but … to make this the central hub around the world for digital currency.”


Liam Ledger

11/17/20233 min read


In a thought-provoking address at the North American Blockchain Summit, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a leading independent candidate in the 2024 presidential election, expressed his personal interest in bitcoin and how it has inspired him as a tool to preserve freedoms and advance the U.S. economy. Kennedy's embrace of cryptocurrency, coupled with his plans for regulatory clarity and innovation, has caught the attention of voters, particularly the younger generation. In this article, we will explore Kennedy's vision for bitcoin, its potential impact on the U.S. economy, and the growing wave of support behind his candidacy.

The Democracy of Bitcoin

Kennedy's fascination with bitcoin stemmed from his understanding that decentralization is a fundamental aspect of democracy. He believes that the power of transactional freedom should be upheld as strongly as freedom of expression. Reflecting on an incident where the Canadian government froze the bank accounts of protestors, Kennedy realized that enabling governments to control individuals' financial resources poses a severe threat to personal freedom. For him, bitcoin stands as a guarantee of democracy and empowers individuals to retain their financial sovereignty.

Contrasting Perspectives on Bitcoin

Kennedy's outlook on bitcoin differs sharply from the current administration's stance. Rather than waging war on digital currencies, Kennedy envisions the United States becoming the global hub for digital currency innovation. He recognizes the importance of retaining the spirit of innovation that characterizes the country. Rather than chasing cryptocurrencies away, he advocates for embracing them and positioning the United States as a leader in the digital currency space.

Crypto Adoption and Regulatory Clarity

Kennedy's presidential campaign promises to usher in an era of clear regulations and increased adoption of crypto. He proposes partially backing the U.S. dollar with bitcoin, offering a hybrid approach that integrates traditional currency with the digital asset. Additionally, Kennedy aims to exempt bitcoin gains from capital gains taxes, incentivizing individuals and businesses to engage with cryptocurrencies. These policies would help create a more favorable environment for crypto investments and establish the United States as a progressive crypto-friendly nation.

Bitcoin Mining and Environmental Responsibility

As an environmental lawyer, Kennedy has emphasized the crucial role the crypto mining industry can play in adopting clean energy sources. Rather than vilifying crypto mining as an energy-intensive process, Kennedy recognizes the industry's potential to harness otherwise wasted energy. By incentivizing miners to use sources like methane from landfills, Kennedy believes crypto mining can contribute to the adoption of cleaner energy solutions, promoting sustainability and benefiting the overall energy grid stability.

Kennedy's Appeal and Crypto's Alternative Path

Kennedy's support among younger voters has been steadily gaining momentum, with recent polls indicating a significant 22% support for his candidacy among all candidates. His advocacy for crypto and blockchain technology positions him as a refreshing choice, offering an alternative path to the legacy economy. Kennedy's understanding of the failing incumbent fiscal regulators and their inability to protect investors resonates with those seeking a change. Cryptocurrencies represent a viable solution and a means to foster independent hope and innovative progress.

Kennedy’s Crypto Position Bodes Well for Digibyte

Kennedy's positive stance on cryptocurrencies and his commitment to embracing innovation and regulatory clarity, bodes well for Digibyte. Digibyte is a decentralized blockchain platform that offers fast and secure transactions, making it an ideal solution for various industries and applications. With Kennedy's advocacy for the promotion and adoption of digital currencies, there is a strong potential for increased recognition and acceptance of cryptocurrencies like Digibyte in the United States. This support could lead to favorable regulatory environments and partnerships, enabling Digibyte to thrive as a viable and trusted digital asset within the evolving crypto landscape.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s embrace of crypto and blockchain technology in his presidential campaign showcases the potential impact that cryptocurrencies may have on shaping the future of finance and governance. His vision encompasses not only the preservation of personal freedoms but also the advancement of the U.S. economy through increased adoption, regulatory clarity, and sustainable mining practices. Kennedy's message has struck a chord with many voters, especially the younger generation, who see in him a candidate endorsing innovation and offering an alternative pathway to the current economic landscape. As the 2024 election approaches, Kennedy's advocacy for cryptocurrency has the potential to spark much needed discussion on regulatory clarity needed for crypto to thrive in the United States.